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We are striving to keep the serenity, and hold to the highest respect for the victims and their families.  The one statement made while searching to find the families for the 25th Memorial was, “I didn’t know anyone cared.”  That will forever stay with us.  We do care and this is one way of showing it, even years later.


41st Memorial Service July 31st, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. If you plan to attend the remembrance service, please bring a chair.  We will have finger food and a time of sharing after the service.

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We continue to receive new stories from the night of July 31, 1976, and we would like to hear yours.  Having so many people involved the stories are endless.  You need not have been in the flood that night.  Being a volunteer at the Loveland High School, Van Allen, the Cloverleaf dog track, Interfaith, offered your home, or whatever you did or remember, these are all pieces of the puzzle that will fit together some day.

For instance, Jan Way would like to know who the young fellow was that helped her endlessly at the Loveland High School.  He played some cute tricks on her which helped relieve the stress of the day to day tasks.  If he should read this and say hey that was me, please contact us.  No one knows how many volunteers were there helping.  Everyone was in a state of shock, even the workers.  All of it was to overwhelming to comprehend.  Why would anyone know what they were doing?????

So if you would like to share your story of that night, or what you did, or where you helped, we encourage you to do so.  Time is getting away along with the stories associated with the flood.  Once you have written your story please email it to me Barb Anderson at Info@1976bigthompsonflood.org or mail it to the

Big Thompson Flood Memorial
Po Box 144
Drake, Co. 80515

Remember to put Flood Story in the Subject Line.  I don’t open them unless I know what they are!!!!!!! Thank you in advance for sharing.


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