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We are striving to keep the serenity, and hold to the highest respect for the victims and their families.  The one statement made while searching to find the families for the 25th Memorial was, “I didn’t know anyone cared.”  That will forever stay with us.  We do care and this is one way of showing it, even years later.


41st Memorial Service July 31st, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. If you plan to attend the remembrance service, please bring a chair.  We will have finger food and a time of sharing after the service.

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We have reprinted two books.  The proceeds go for the scholarship fund.  Some,  however, does have to go for upkeep, insurance and such on the Memorial.  Any monetary donations will go 100% to the scholarship fund, and is tax deductible.

The books are the first ones published back in 1976 – “The Big Thompson Flood July 31st 1976” (color cover) black and white inside.  “The Big Thompson Disaster” (a total black and white book).  This will be everyone’s chance to get these very first books originally printed just weeks after the flood.  The list of victims is not completed in it, simply because they were not all found yet.  As you know, five were never found.

The Big Thompson Flood of 1976 - Click for larger cover image



We wish to thank Betty Kimbro for allowing us to reprint “The Big Thompson Flood July 31st 1976”. All Rights Reserved


The Big Thompson Disaster - Click for larger cover image



We wish to thank Mr. Doug Erion for his generous donation of any right, title or interest he had in “The Big Thompson Disaster” to the “Big Thompson Canyon Flood Memorial, Inc.”


Our sincere appreciation,

"Big Thompson Canyon Flood Memorial, Inc."

Board Members:

Shawn Williams
Peggy Lafferty
Marlene Johnson
Barbara Anderson

This is the 36th year of the Big Thompson Flood.  The profits from the sale of this book, along with the generous donations received, will help with the upkeep of the Flood Memorial and provide scholarships for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the flood victims.

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To order books or make a tax-deductible donation please click:

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and mail it to the address:

Big Thompson Canyon Flood Memorial,  Inc.
P O Box 144
Drake, CO. 80515

Not only can you mail us your donation / order you can also call 970-667-6465 or fax 970-667- 6465

If you have questions please email:  info@1976bigthompsonflood.org


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Big Thompson Canyon Flood Memorial,  Inc.

P O Box 144
Drake, CO. 80515

Phone: Barb 970-667-6465 or Marlene 303-683-2832
Fax 970-667-6465